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Local Media Consortium Names HTL BID as Premier NewsPassID Integration Solution for Local Publishers

Hashtag Lab’s HTL BID platform bridges the ad-tech engineering gap

NEW YORK — Publishers looking to manage ad tech more efficiently by implementing Prebid header bidding and its components more easily now have an answer. The Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic alliance of local media companies, announced today that the Hashtag Labs SaaS system, HTL BID, has joined the LMC’s prestigious list of tech partners.

Hashtag Labs, a full-service digital ad operations services and software company for publishers, has demonstrated its ability to help publishers of all sizes navigate ad tech, earning the Local Media Consortium’s endorsement.

“In order to compete in an evolving advertising marketplace, every publisher should be able to leverage its audience relationships and first-party data through flexible and configurable software solutions,” said LMC VP of Revenue and Partnerships Tobias Bennett. “We know Hashtag Labs will help publishers more easily connect to NewsPassID without data leakage or any of the other hazards to which the digital publishing ecosystem is prone.”

“Hashtag Labs helps us navigate the rapidly changing ad-tech landscape,” said Newsday Sr. Director, Ad Product and Technology, James Kober. “We recommend HTL BID to anyone who wants to access all of the benefits of ad tech.”

HTL BID’s software enables publishers to manage all of their ad inventory and programmatic ad sales from an easy-to-use interface. This includes turnkey header bidding management, but also, for publishers who want more:

● Core Web Vitals Optimization Levers

● Viewability and Refresh Controls

● Easy-to-use click-not-code system for configs and deployments

● Comprehensive interface for all third-party ad tech tags

● Boutique white-glove implementation and ongoing managed services

● Sellers.JSON and S-Chain management

● CMP integrations with downstream ad tech services

“It’s always been HTL’s primary goal to support high-quality, independent online publishing, because that’s what makes the web great,” said Hashtag Labs Founder and CEO John Shankman. “Because of its importance to the communities it serves, local journalism is key to that greatness. We’re proud and grateful that the LMC has recognized our work by adding HTL to its list of tech partners.”

About Local Media Consortium

The Local Media Consortium delivers economic value through strategic partnerships on behalf of more than 100 local media companies in top markets across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and includes more than 5,000 news outlets. By harnessing the combined volume and scale of its members, the LMC reduces costs and increases revenue with technology and service providers like Google, Facebook, Monster, and others. The aggregated LMC audience footprint spans 200 million unique monthly visitors and its member companies serve more than 6 billion pageviews to consumers. More information is available at

About Hashtag Labs

Hashtag Labs is an ad tech software and services company for publishers. Founded in 2014 on the premise that ad tech for publishers has too often overpromised and underdelivered, HTL offers configurable SaaS platforms and consulting services to high-quality, editorially driven digital publications. Sign up here for HTL’s free ad inspecting and debugging Chrome extension, HTL Debug, here. To learn more about HTL Bid, email or call John Shankman:, 631-786-3895.

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