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The Business of Storytelling: A Free Branded Content Series – Introducing LIFE TODAY

Branded content offers a unique opportunity for marketers to tell their story and an immediate revenue opportunity for local media properties, during good times and even the challenging times we are all facing. The long-form nature of branded content can help brands communicate their response to the COVID-19 situation, including how they are protecting their employees and how they are supporting their communities and customers. 

The Branded Content Project (a partnership between the Local Media Consortium, the Local Media Association, and funded by the Facebook Journalism Project) and Wundervue have partnered to launch LIFE TODAY, a branded content series that provides recommendations, tips and ideas for how to LIVE life while social distancing. The series includes both long-form and video articles that are being syndicated free to all media organizations.

Current industry analysis shows that whether you have an established branded content program or you are just getting started – this IS a good time to focus on content marketing initatives. According to a recent study by IAB, publishers are creating different content sponsorship opportunities or creating entirely new from scratch content adjacency/sponsorship opportunities that buyers can leverage. 

LIFE TODAY was developed to create incredible audience engagement regardless of market size or media format. The branded content series can be monetized by selling a local sponsorship OR leverage the series to promote local causes. All LIFE TODAY content is syndicated 100% FREE to local media properties. All of the ready to use assets are available now and include 17 articles, 12 video segments, sponsorable promos and a customizable sales deck.

Jared Merves, Founder & Partner Success Officer at Wundervue, explained his vision for the series. “From our experience, the program has the ability to drive incredible engagement with your audience. In these tough times, this is a small opportunity for us to support our local media community. Whether you pick up the series and run it to promote a local cause or whether you focus on selling sponsorships we hope your are able to leverage the program.”

If you would like to learn more about LIFE TODAY and how your organization can start using this series immediately, we have deeper information.

The webinar recording that showcases the full opportunity and explains how the series can work for you lives here – WEBINAR RECORDING 

To access the assets for LIFE TODAY, visit the series library – LIFE TODAY ASSETS

For more information or if you have questions contact Jared or Julia.



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