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Learn How The Dallas Morning News Uses Cause Marketing to Grow Revenue and Volunteerism With FWD>DFW

The Branded Content Project, funded by the Facebook Journalism Project in partnership with Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium, has challenged the branded content project alpha group to create large action plans and take giant leaps towards new revenue possibilities with branded content.

Our first projects are big jumps toward revenue growth, streamlined processes that save time and money, and content production for new audiences. And we are pleased to report that their innovative plans are already paying off.

These seven teams have jumped into enormous initiatives and are seeing the first round of results come in with exciting success. Graham Media Group’s Taking Off initiative was our first feature and our focus for the second of a seven-part series is a feature on The Dallas Morning News and their FWD > DFW initiative.

FWD>DFW is a forum for connection to critical issues impacting the Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFW) — and how people and businesses can make a difference. At its core, it is a cause-marketing platform of The Dallas Morning News used to share the impact and stories of other companies’ cause-marketing initiatives.

Together with The Dallas Morning News, FWD>DFW sparks awareness, conversation, and measurable improvement in the equitable education, health and wellness of the community, and reaches more than 1.6 million people every week.

It’s a channel to create a stronger and more prosperous community.

Despite being one of the fastest-growing and most successful markets in the country, North Texas has one of the widest economic disparity gaps. The Dallas Morning News already reports about these challenges as well as the successes and opportunities of the region.

FWD>DFW takes it a step further.

This platform uses the power of The Dallas Morning News to make a difference with the best tools they have: storytelling, audience and relationships.

Together, with their partners, they provide content that educates, informs, and impacts North Texas and beyond. Today their audience continues to grow and is comprised of the most educated and influential citizens.

It’s about how to move FWD — together.

How it works

FWD>DFW provides a customized, multi-year cause-related marketing (CRM) campaign for leading brands to leverage their corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms across DFW through the power of The Dallas Morning News, and the greater digital marketplace.

They are focused on three key pillars — Education, Health, and Wellness — which impact economic advancement to make the community stronger.

The Challenge: #WhatMovesYou