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Everyone Wins: Collaboration and Cooperation Through Branded Content

Over the past few weeks, the Branded Content Project‘s alpha partners, a mix of broadcaster, print and non-profit publishers, have made innovative progress with their branded content testing and are producing exciting results for their initiatives. Because of the unique collaboration between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium and funding made possible through a partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project, these seven organizations are carving the path to exciting new revenue streams for local publishers.

Their industry-changing progress was demonstrated during a project update and planning meeting recently at WDIV in Detroit. This video features a few thoughts from the team about where the project is headed:

These collaboration events are leading up to an industry presentation at Elevate! in Chicago, which takes place Sept. 17-19. The alpha group participants will explain their process with each project, and tell the crowd the good, the bad and the ugly behind branded content initiatives. They will share best practices for the industry and help each attendee overcome potential challenges with branded content education, showing ROI and creating sustainable workflows.

A few highlights from the projects that will be showcased at Elevate! include:

  • User experience testing of branded content templates to ensure transparency with consumers

  • Producing events with the dual purpose of educating sales teams and advertisers

  • Implementing valuable R&D partners to assist with reporting, engagement and data decision making

  • Demonstrating the importance of cause marketing initiatives and how local news organizations can bring businesses under the tent

  • Maximizing content that is attractive to audiences and advertisers

The Branded Content Project’s main goal is to assist the industry in growing sustainable branded content initiatives for all. We have a strict “everyone wins” philosophy for this project and we’ll be announcing several ways your local media teams can get involved.

During Elevate! we will open the application process for a beta group of 20 more organizations; launch a guide to help everyone from street sellers to content creators to promoters grow their initiatives; share details of a unique branded content Innovation Mission to New York; and conduct a hands-on workshop to get the attendees started on a path to new revenue.

Don’t miss any updates on the project. Discover ways for your teams to join in the innovation. Find more details on all these exciting developments and more by visiting



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