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May 11, 2023

9:45 AM

Big Brand Collaboration: How Media Companies Big and Small Are Working with Deloitte

Julia Campbell

General Manager

Meta Branded Content Project

Sonny Messiah-Jiles

CEO and Publisher

Defender Media Group

Jeff Pundyk

Managing Director, Deloitte Insights


With a deep understanding of the media industry and a commitment to delivering results, Deloitte is a trusted collaborator for media companies looking to create engaging and authentic content that connects with audiences and drives business success. Deloitte's approach to working with media companies of all sizes focuses on collaboration, innovation, and value creation. Deloitte and the Defender Media Group will demonstrate how unique relationships between media companies and big brands, like The Exchange, can help to build brand awareness, increase audience engagement, and create media sustainability.



MAY 9-11 | Scottsdale, AZ

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