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Scott Cunningham

NewsNext Consultant

Scott Cunningham is author of Defining Brand Safety Series by the Brand Safety Institute, Founder of the IAB Tech Lab, principal technology and program Founder of the Trustworthy Accountability Group, former President of Media News Group Interactive and was a pioneer in the development of and many other digital publishing and ad technology platforms and products. His work involves steering the global digital advertising and news publishing industry towards economic sustainability, best user experience practices, hygiene and standards.

With over 20 years experience building business and solving problems at the intersection of content, commerce, and technology, Cunningham is Owner of Cunningham.Tech, a digital consultancy operating with a network of designers, developers, and operations experts supporting digital marketing, advertising, and publishing globally. He is also Owner of, a digital wellness platform for kids and parents establishing healthy habits.

Most recently, Cunningham founded the IAB Technology Laboratory and served as a principal founder of the Trustworthy Accountability Group programs. Both non-profit organizations promote controls, standards, and transparency in the digital advertising supply chain that supports an open, independent World Wide Web.

In addition to his publishing roles, Cunningham currently serves as advisor to child wellness projects leveraging digital channels and other technology ventures and a US Soccer licensed youth soccer coach.

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