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Jay Horton



Jay Horton is president of WEHCO Media's digital division, with strategic and operational responsibility for the company's newspapers digital business, as well as the Flypaper Digital Marketing Agency with offices in 11 communities. WEHCO has become well known for its investment in building a new digital business model for local publishing through its award winning iPad digital conversion effort, which has reached its fifth newspaper in the chain. It Is WEHCO’s firm belief that the future sustainability of local media is in the hands of subscribers.

Before joining WEHCO, Horton consulted for technology companies and many of the top companies in the local news, and for 2017 and 2018 served as the executive producer for the Key Executives Mega-Conference, the premier event for the industry. Horton also has served in leadership positions for sales, product and business development for newspapers, working with Scripps, Gannett, and Knight-Ridder.

Horton has always been a big supporter and promoter of the Local Media Consortium. He believes in the power of partnership and the benefits that the Consortium’s scale can provide publishers, while stressing the importance of retaining independence and local control. Our industry’s key to prospering for the next generation is our connection and service to our communities.

Jay is married to Dr. Jessica Horton, and has been blessed with sons Avery and Brennan. You’ll find them hiking the natural state, floating the local rivers, playing tennis, golfing, and gardening when away from learning and work.

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