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Daniella Cristancho

Marketing Coordinator

Daniella Cristancho joined the LMC team in June of 2023. In her current role, Daniella will assume the responsibility of enhancing our communication efforts, ensuring that members and valued partners are consistently informed about the most up-to-date industry trends, insights, and opportunities.

Daniella began her professional journey at IMUSA, where she worked in digital marketing and analytics. After her time at IMUSA, she transitioned to Imagen, where she focused on digital strategy and social media engagement for various clients as a social media manager. With her experience in developing effective marketing strategies, organizing impactful campaigns, Daniella has demonstrated proficiency in captivating audiences through digital content engagement.

In her free time, Daniella likes to spend time with her dogs Khaleesi and Oakley. She enjoys reading and enthusiastically participates in several local book clubs. One of her favorite things to do is visiting her family in Colombia every year.

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