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“E&P’s 10 That Do It Right!” Panel

3:00 PM ET

For more than 10 years, Editor and Publisher has selected 10 newspapers that earned a notable achievement in at least one particular area, carried out a successful innovation, implemented cost savings procedures or developed programs that have generated revenues or increased circulation. This year, E&P invited news publishers in print, digital, television and radio to send in a nomination for the contest. Hear from some of the winners about their accomplishments and what other newsrooms can learn from their successes.

Mike Blinder, Publisher at E&P

Chris Fusco, Editor in Chief at Chicago Sun-Times

The Sun-Times has had it's challenges in the past. But today is growing audience with new print and digital platforms and growing revenue over 30% with their new Sports Saturday edition. Chris Fusco will explain the new energy going on in the Windy City.

Jennifer Napier-Pearce, Editor at Salt Lake Tribune

In May 2019, the Tribune applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, the first newspaper in the US to transform from a for-profit company to a nonprofit business. Jennifer Napier-Pierce explains how this new model has provided some great "flexibility" in providing great local news while gaining the necessary revenue to support it.

Matt Austin, Anchor at WKMG Orlando

In 2016, Matt Austin was knocked unconscious and wound up in the ER after being rear ended by a texting driver. After the accident, he found out that due to Florida laws, the driver didn't even get a ticket. Three years later, thanks to Matt and WKMG's "Driving Change" initiative, the governor signed new legislation to change those laws.

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