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AdPerfect provides LMC members with a Classifieds platform that provides both a Marketplace and self-serve advertising platform.AdPerfect's Classified platform differentiates itself from competitors by working very closely with publishers as partners, not just as a vendor.   We are continually updating our platform to make improvements to user interface, user experience, functionality, and performance.  We continue to invest in the Classifieds platform.  Our core competencies are; mobile responsive, self-serve flow, user interface, user experience, integration with other software providers (i.e.: AdBase), and customer support.  By using AdPerfect's Classifieds platform LMC members provide their advertising customers and readers with a modern digital user interface and experience that allows them to maximize the value of the print and digital ads.  At the same time, the platform allows newspapers to utilize the self-serve functionality so they can re-deploy valuable resources in other areas.  The results of these two are higher revenues and decreased costs.