Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for membership?

Any U.S. or Canada-based company that owns locally focused newspaper, TV, radio properties or locally focused digital properties is eligible for membership.

What about non-U.S. or Canadian media, or online-only media?

At this time, membership is open only to only U.S. or Canadian companies that own newspapers, TV, radio properties or locally focused digital property.

How does my company become a member? What is the application process?

There is a simple application process that includes sharing traffic numbers and markets served. Applicants are reviewed by a committee of the LMC and approved by LMC member vote. Start by filling out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

What are the benefits to members?

The LMC exists to leverage the scale of the LMC membership to create new revenue and audience opportunities and implement solutions by creating an efficient marketplace for solutions providers and media companies. The LMC also conducts conferences and regular communications to help members network and share best practices.

What are the dues?

Dues are assessed on a formula based on each company’s digital footprint (unique visitors, page views and monthly ad impressions) as a share of the LMC’s total.

How can I know if LMC membership makes financial sense for my company?

We encourage prospective members to speak with current members to help make that decision. Generally speaking, the goal of the LMC is to keep dues as low as possible, so the economics of membership make sense for any company.

What commitments are required of members, aside from paying dues?

None. Members are not required to participate in any partnerships, relationships or shared investments negotiated by the LMC. Each member decides how and whether to participate in LMC programs.

How long is a membership commitment?

Membership term is through December 31 of the current year. There are annual review periods if a member elects to leave the LMC.

What companies are currently members?

A wide range of companies are members, from large corporations to small family-owned stations and newspapers. We keep an updated list of members on the About LMC Membership page.

What companies currently have negotiated deals available only to Consortium members?

Visit out Partners page for more information. Also, keep an eye out in News for updates.

Am I obligated to take the member deal from a partner or solution provider? Can I work with a different partner or solution provider?

No, you are not obligated to work with any partner or solution provider. You can weigh the pros/cons of any LMC-negotiated relationship, including LMC-signed partners or solution providers, and work with any partners or providers you like.

Is the Local Media Consortium a company, a non-profit, an association, or what?

The LMC is a partnership that exists only as a contractual agreement among members. It is not a corporate entity separate from its membership.


What is the relationship between service providers and media companies via the Local Media Consortium?

The LMC negotiates with service providers to develop terms that will be available to any member. While Master Service Agreements are between the service provider and the LMC, each member must sign its own agreement with a given service provider. Generally, all service, billing, etc. is between the provider and the customer.

What is the benefit to my company of working with the Local Media Consortium?

LMC represents more than 3,000 media properties across the U.S. and Canada. Service providers benefit from engaging in one set of negotiations that result in terms offered to all 3,000 members. Providers that seek large levels of traffic and visitors benefit from unified aggregation and reporting.

What’s the process for my solutions company to be considered for an LMC deal?

The LMC currently is considering two or three topics per quarter. For each topic, an expert subcommittee will review member needs and service provider offerings, recommend one or more service providers for negotiation and ultimately negotiate a deal that will be available to all members. Interested service providers should submit contact information using “this form” and we will coordinate the schedule for consideration.

That sounds pretty time-consuming. Can’t I just talk with whoever is in charge?

You can, but with the knowledge that, for consideration by the LMC, that is the process. No individual at the LMC, and no member company, is in a position to fast-track consideration.

If I go through the LMC review process, does that mean I can’t be talking with my customers and prospects at the same time?

Absolutely not. Nothing prohibits a service provider or a member company from talking, negotiating or making their own deals.

Will my company be disadvantaged somehow if we don’t work with the LMC?

Certainly not. The LMC recognizes that the review process will not meet the timeframe needed by many members, and the LMC encourages members to work with service providers to meet their own needs. In addition, input from LMC members is critical to the review process. Members’ experience with vendors will weigh heavily as topics are considered.

What if my company is not selected for a Consortium deal?

LMC members are not bound to work exclusively with a service provider selected for a Consortium deal. Any member company is free to negotiate deals with any service provider or vendor.

Is the Consortium pursuing only category-exclusive deals?

At the moment, yes. For each topic, a task force will review vendors and narrow the search down to one vendor with whom the LMC will negotiate a member deal. That said, given the broad range of media companies in the LMC, it’s possible that within a specific category, members will identify different sets of needs that can only be fulfilled by different service providers.