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Digital Revenue Training

Looking for ways to accelerate your digital revenue? 


LMC partners provide high-quality sales and digital training programs and resources.  Arm your sales team with digital expertise and watch your online business grow!  

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Centro Institute

AdExchanger Awards/Best Education Program Finalist

Our specialized team of digital media professionals is dedicated to developing best-in-class education and training to help expand your industry knowledge and expertise. The Centro Institute facilitates customized workshops, innovative media symposiums, on-site training, and a monthly webinar series.  

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IAB Digital Sales Certification

Globally recognized, accredited professional certification created specifically for digital media sales.

Local Media Association

Highly acclaimed Sales Certification program, online Google AdWords training, an in-market SMB Digital Revenue program, in-market sales and services training and online Facebook training. 

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Prohaska Consulting

Customized training from fundamentals to more advanced knowledge programs for programmatic, data management, ad operations, digital marketing strategy, sales strategy and creative.

GNI Ad Revenue Lab

Workshops will be held weekly on Thursdays at 10 AM PST, starting on August 13th, until September 3rd. This workshop series is targeted to small and mid-sized news publishers looking to accelerate their digital ad revenue. 

Google News Initiative Transparent
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