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LMC Virtual Conference

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Local Media Consortium

The Local Media Consortium has brought it's Spring 2020 conference virtual. Bringing you sessions from Magid, FTI Consulting, Google, Facebook Journalism Project, Piano and many more.

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COVID-19 and the media: the role of journalism in a global pandemic

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UC Berkeley

Berkeley Global is pleased to present this unique discussion with two global thought-leaders in Public Health and Journalism which will explore the challenges reporters and researchers alike face when it comes to providing accurate information about a new virus and a pandemic of historic proportions. This look behind the scenes will shed light on the collaborative efforts of scientists and journalists to support policy makers and the public in navigating the crisis. We hope to challenge your current understanding of the pandemic, provide criteria you can use when choosing sources of information and explore possible scenarios of an eventual return to normalcy.

12:00 - 1:15 PM ET

How to Make Your Marketing Stay Relevant During Uncertain Times

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How do you keep your marketing relevant during an unpredictable time? By staying timely, informative, empathetic and human.

10:00 AM ET


Webinar Replays

COVID-19: Taking Care of Journalist & Journalism

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Freedom Forum Institute

Subscriber Retention During the Downturn

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INMA & Mather Economics

Video Forum & Community Chat For Freelancers, Part-Time, Gig an Independent Workers

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Local Media Consortium & Moonlighting

Digital Strategies To Stay Relevant and Stay in Front of Your Audience

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Remote Internships: Productive Strategies for Students & Employers During COVID-19

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Monetization Strategies During COVID-19 for Local News Publishers

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LiveIntent feat LMC

Revenue Continuity Series: What Publishers Can Do Now to Drive Revenue

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Local Media Consortium & Admiral

How McClatchy Is Using Social Media To Grow Subscriber Revenue

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Leader’s Crash Course on Taking a Company (or Team) Remote

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Viewership Trends Beyond COVID-19

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Navigate Your Sales Organisation Through Crisis and Prepare To Ramp Up During Turnaround

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