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Pandemic resources for newspapers at

Who died today? How many people have we lost? How can I remember and honor them safely? These are just a few of the profound questions Americans now find themselves asking each morning as we turn to the daily news. To help our local news partners answer these questions, Legacy offers a wide variety of expert resources.

US Local Newsrooms Can Now Apply for the Facebook Journalism Project COVID-19 Local News Relief Fund


Applications are open for the FJP COVID-19 Local News Relief Grant Program until April 24, 2020. Watch our webinar explaining how to apply and understand eligibility criteria below.

Journalism emergency funds around the world


Based on the evidence of lost income and an inability to pay essential living expenses, we anticipate a great need for support within our global network of news publishers and members. To support them during these challenging times, we have compiled a list of journalism emergency relief funds available both globally and regionally. This work is in progress but we hope that this preliminary mapping will help our global members community in the short term.

Newsday Business Message Board


Newsday partners with hundreds of local businesses and they can rely on them to get their important messages out in good & tough times! To best support their local businesses and the community at large, they are offering free announcements for businesses to communicate to their customers during this challenging time.

TownNews: Coronavirus Resources


TownNews is doing the following to help their partners during these unprecendented times:

  •  “Support Local Journalism” module with 100% of the donations go directly to their partners

  •  “We’re open” & other vertical guides to promote local businesse

  • Created a Virtual Graduation module (small set up fee)

  • Webinars & Best Practice Articles 

Journalism Emergency Relief Fund


Google has launched a global Journalism Emergency Relief Fund through the Google News Initiative to support small and medium-sized news organizations producing original news for local communities - please see eligibility requirements. The Fund’s aim is to support the production of original journalism for local communities in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating globally, it will provide an easily-accessible route to financial assistance at this critical time.

Facing their own COVID-19 crisis, local news outlets ask readers for support

A fundraising program developed by Local Media Association is enabling local news organizations to accept tax-deductible donations to support coverage of the pandemic, using its Local Media Foundation as a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor.

Dallas Morning News & VOMO

Dallas Morning News & VOMO

VOMO has made it’s volunteer management platform FREE to any organization mobilizing volunteers and any person who wants to serve during the COVID-19 crisis.

TownNews: CoronaVirus Resources


TownNews has created a few tools to help partners during these unprecedented times:

  • Creation of a “Support Local Journalism” module.  100% of the donations go directly to our partner.

  • “We’re open”, and other vertical guides to promote local businesses.

  • Created a Virtual Graduation module. (small set-up fee)

  • Webinars & published best practices.

Fee relief to support our news partners during COVID-19


Google announced today they are waiving ad serving fees for eligible news publishers globally on Ad Manager for a period of time.

Reward your company’s best initiative in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world: the lockdowns, the economic ripples, the communities torn. Yet media companies are making a difference in their responses — which INMA wants to reward in a free bonus category titled “Best Initiative In Response to COVID-19.”

SixFifty Announced The Release of Free Automated Legal Tools


SixFifty announced the release of free automated legal tools to help businesses manage coronavirus-related employment issues. The COVID-19 tools include automated policies developed by Wilson Sonsini’s leading employment attorneys and a questionnaire system that can gather information from employees impacted by COVID-19, manage tasks and automate important communications.

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