COVID-19 News and Updates

Do News Sites Have An Ethical Duty to Remove Paywalls On Coronavirus Coverage?

How do public service journalism and harsh fiscal realities coexist in a crisis?

By: Kelly McBride & Rich Edmonds

Coronavirus Brings a Surge to News Sites

Many journalists are covering a once-in-a-lifetime story from home, thanks to Zoom and Slack. But as readers flock to large news outlets, ads are starting to disappear.

By: Marc Tracy, The New York Times

Learnings For Dealing With COVID-19 Outbreak From Singapore’s The Straits Times

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to be a long, draining crisis, requiring resilience from newsrooms and editors. Here, Straits Times’ Editor-in-Chief and World Editors Forum President, Warren Fernandez, shares how the newsroom is operating amid the outbreak, and how the experience with previous epidemics has shaped and informed the approach.

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Local Media Traffic Spikes 48% In The Wake Of COVID-19

Newspaper and broadcast journalists are proving once again how essential they are to our society.

How To Help Employees Cope With COVID-19

With the global spread of COVID-19 deeply affecting all our lives, the world feels like a scary, uncertain place for employees. This disease has brought a whole host of medical, economic and political problems — and it’s also given us a ton of stress and anxiety, which can have an enormous negative impact on our well-being. 

by Alan Kohll

We’re All In This Together, And the Work Of Local News Shows It

They’re building resources, tools, connecting people and covering the story

by Kristen Hare

6 Steps For Boosting Creativity In Your Team’s Next Virtual Meeting

As working from home becomes the new normal, don’t let things get monotonous
by James Allen