Sustaining The News Business Through Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis intensifies around the world, the incredible value that newsrooms provide has never been clearer. The information that journalists are working around the clock to deliver may save as many lives as our heroic, overburdened healthcare systems.

Credit to Patrick Appel (Director of Research)

Newsday Business Message Board

Newsday partners with hundreds of local businesses and they can rely on them to get their important messages out in good & tough times! To best support their local businesses and the community at large, they are offering free announcements for businesses to communicate to their customers during this challenging time.

Dallas Morning News/VOMO: A Movement For Good

VOMO has made it’s volunteer management platform FREE to any organization mobilizing volunteers and any person who wants to serve during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Corona Virus Impact: Media Consumption Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic


SixFifty Announced The Release of Free Automated Legal Tools

SixFifty announced the release of free automated legal tools to help businesses manage coronavirus-related employment issues. The COVID-19 tools include automated policies developed by Wilson Sonsini’s leading employment attorneys and a questionnaire system that can gather information from employees impacted by COVID-19, manage tasks and automate important communications. 

Digital Subscription Benchmarks, Best Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mather Economics has developed benchmarks from publisher data that identify best practices for growing digital subscriptions while staying true to the journalistic mission of informing the public.
By: Matt Lindsay & Arvid Tchivzhel, Mather

Media Consumption During The Coronavirus Pandemic

A top-level look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting audience and consumer behavior across platforms.

News Business Optimization Playbook

Helping your business and newsroom leaders continue to report on breaking news while optimizing revenue is important. The following playbook was created for small to medium sized news publications by the Google News Initiative.