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Immediate Access to Hundreds of New Customers

With 90 local media companies representing 3,000 media outlets, the LMC can make landing new business a snap. We make it easy—one contract, one point of contact, one seamless way to grow your revenue. 

Benefits of Partnership

Access to new business from thousands of media outlets in hundreds of cities through one point of contact and one contract. Sound like a dream? The LMC can deliver just that.

Increase Revenue

With access to over 90 media companies and 3,000 news outlets, landing new business is a snap.

Low Cost of Sale

LMC negotiates one master contract on behalf of members to save you time and money.

One Point of Contact

We provide a single point of contact across our membership so it’s easy to negotiate, communicate and get things done.

Client Face Time

With webinars, newsletters and conferences, the LMC provides you with lots of ways to connect with our vast membership.

Access to Scale

Whether you’re prospecting for new business or introducing a new product, the LMC can provide you with a scalable way to do it.


Our dedicated resource can help increase member participation and engagement so you maximize the benefits of your LMC partnership.

Current Partners By Category


AdCellerant provides LMC members with managed services and technology solutions that help media companies sell, execute, and report on Programmatic Advertising, Geo-Fencing, Native, ConnectedTV, Streaming Radio, Email Marketing, Paid Search, and Organic Search. LMC members leveraging AdCellerant’s platform that helps builds proposals, execute campaigns, and provide unparalleled campaign reporting have built and maintained new multi-million dollar digital advertising revenue streams through their partnership with AdCellerant.


Admiral helps LMC members grow visitor relationships and revenue via Visitor Relationship Management (VRM).  Admiral’s pioneering VRM platform provides adblock revenue recovery, paid per-site & multi-site subscriptions, email subscriptions, social engagement and GDPR/CCPA privacy consent — one tag, one vendor, one consistent visitor experience. Admiral provides free visitor revenue analytics and 100% guaranteed net revenue gain for LMC members, connecting the typical silos of adops, audience & product into a horizontal approach to growing Average Revenue Per Visitor (ARPV) and overall revenue.


Adpay’s partnership with the LMC provides members with access to the Click-N-Buy Classifieds Marketplace Suite and Memoriams obituary order entry for funeral homes and private party at proprietary rates not available to other media companies. The no-cost digital enhancement, We Remember, by Ancestry is a meaningful extension of the obituary strategy, capturing memories from family and friends in perpetuity.


AdPerfect provides LMC members with AdPerfect Obituaries a platform for hosting online obituaries and self-serve obituary placement for funeral homes and private party customers.AdPerfect Obituaries differentiates itself from competitors by incorporating both print & online, newspapers keep 100% of the ad tag revenue, the platform is white labeled therefore the newspaper’s brand is prominently displayed, integrated self-serve for funeral homes and private party, social media engagement, single sign-on for admins and users, and multilingual support. By using AdPerfect’s Obituary platforms newspapers will be able to increase their revenues, lower their costs, and incorporate both print and online into one platform with one vendor.

AdSwerve (formerly Analytics Pros)

AdSwerve is Google’s largest Google Analytics 360 Premier Partner worldwide and is providing Local Media Consortium members with Google Analytics 360 Licenses to help members make data-driven decisions around their businesses and marketing. The AdSwerve team is also available to provide consulting services for LMC members on anything data related; from audits, to implementations, to big-data projects, AP has you covered.


Centro provides software for digital advertising organizations. A pioneer in digital audience extension, Centro offers programmatic ad-buying technology that empowers any media company to become a one-stop shop for advertisers. Publishers gain the capability to quickly scale campaigns and reach local or national audiences. Publishers have harnessed Centro’s technology for numerous years to offer their advertisers audience reach across the web on desktop, mobile, video and more. By working with Centro, publishers gain access to robust video inventory, integration with data management platforms (DMPs), an easy-to-use interface with real-time dashboard for streamlines optimization, high-touch support team to help publishers grow in-house expertise, and more.


Google is providing Local Media Consortium members with Google search and ad-serving technology and the opportunity to leverage Google’s advertising exchange to create a marketplace of premium local publishers. The products and services at the heart of the Local Media Consortium-Google partnership include a Local Media Consortium private exchange among its membership, powered by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange; DoubleClick for Publishers; and, contextually-matched ads that appear on member companies’ websites and in search results (powered by Google Custom Search).

Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global measurement and analytics company that builds verification, optimization, and analytics solutions to empower the advertising industry to invest with confidence and activate consumers everywhere, on every device. We solve the most pressing problems for brands, agencies, publishers, and technology companies by verifying that every impression has the opportunity to be effective, optimizing towards opportunities to consistently improve results, and analyzing digital’s impact on consumer actions. Built on data science and engineering, IAS is headquartered in New York with global operations in thirteen countries. Our growth and innovation have been recognized in Inc. 500, Crain’s Fast 50, Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies, and I-COM’s Smart Data Marketing Technology Company. Learn more at www.integralads.com.


LiveIntent provides LMC members with a real-time email inventory and audience monetization solution. LiveIntent’s platform makes it possible to serve and optimize both direct sold and programmatic offers on email at the moment an email is opened, not sent, increasing operational efficiency and revenue generated by your email program. As a byproduct of this process, the platform enriches and maps an LMC member’s audience data together for advanced insights, segmentation, or even monetization of cookie-less mobile web inventory.


Lotame, the world’s leading independent data management platform and most trusted and comprehensive data exchange, provides LMC members with the ability to collect, organize, analyze and activate their first party data in order to gain audience insights. With these insights, LMC members have access to new monetization opportunities, including: personalizing content to increase user engagement, winning more RFPs and non-endemic business, and increasing CPMs. Lotame is known for its flexibility, superior technology, and hands-on customer service and strategy.


OpsCo provides LMC members with profit-enhancing Ad Tech, Yield and Data services. OpsCo is the only U.S. reseller of Google Ad Manager 360 licensed to sell and support the platform at LMC-discounted rates. Our YieldLift service delivers new revenue from a blend of top-tier demand sources not otherwise available to most LMC publishers. Our straightforward approach to reporting on audience, marketing and performance data delivers insights to LMC publishers that don’t have their own internal analytics team.


Pressboard provides LMC members with technology solutions that empower publishers to make, measure and share content at scale. Their products include content management tools, a digital marketplace that allows advertisers to send RFPs to LMC members directly, story amplification technology to help drive highly-engaged traffic to your content, in-depth analytics tracking active user engagement, and much more. In addition to connecting users with new revenue streams, the tools give LMC members access to reporting, amplification and more at the click of a button, which means less time filling out spreadsheets and more time doing what you love – creating amazing stories.


DistroScale offers pioneering native content technology and offers Local Media Consortium members preferred access to DistroScale’s native content marketplace, a scalable, measurable native content and advertising solution. Publishers participating in DistroScale’s content marketplace can host content marketing campaigns for marketers seeking both brand engagement and awareness and also more performance-based campaigns. The system allows publishers to establish their own unique rules for how to display native content. Read more here about this partnership.


Facebook is providing LMC members with regular training and strategic partnerships focused on optimizing distribution and revenue opportunities for local news publishers on Facebook. At the heart of this work is a $1 million investment designed to help member newsrooms better understand, develop and implement revenue streams through branded content both on and off Facebook.

The Fresh Toast

The Fresh Toast, provides publishers with complimentary syndication of cannabis medical and lifestyle content along with non-cannabis pop culture content. The Fresh Toast partners with 800,000 medical professionals (including 600,000 physicians) via Skipta, one of the largest medical network in the United States. Our content appeals to the mainstream audience and provides solid readership to our existing US and Canadian newspaper partners. Our writers and contributors include respected leaders in the cannabis industry.


IZEA provides an industry-leading platform that connects brands and publishers with over 15,000 experienced, vetted freelancers to create exclusive, high-quality content at any scale imaginable. IZEA’s partnership enables members of the Local Media Consortium to recruit and work with freelance journalists nationwide to create quality content marketing assets and provide readers with valuable information hosted by familiar local media outlets. Working with IZEA, news organizations are able to help businesses reach new and existing audiences, and develop scalable content assets to complement and support other marketing initiatives


Klangoo, the developer of Magnet, provides LMC members with Natural Language Processing (NLP) services that help publishers improve audience acquisition, engagement, and understanding on their websites. By partnering with Klangoo, the LMC will enable its members to improve their audience acquisition strategies using Magnet’s NLP-based Personalized Email service, automated creation of Topic Pages that affect SEO, and its unique Follow Story/Topic/Section/Author explicit personalization feature. Magnet also offers an extensive list of engagement widgets that could be integrated on publisher sites such as: NLP-based Related Articles, Personalized Recommendations, automated content (article, video) tagging, and an extractive summary. Klangoo clients experience a surge of more than 21% in pageviews, more than 28% increase in the time spent on site, around 24% decrease in bounce rate, and a 32% increase in search engine driven visits, in addition to the fact that 20% of the website/app visitors became registered users.


Monster.com provides LMC members with the ability to offer to their customers comprehensive recruitment advertising solutions. Monster’s recruitment suite offers solutions well beyond the job ad; in a high demand recruitment world, where candidates are hard to find, Monster has solutions that guarantee engagements on social platforms and solutions that enable you to source candidates from where they live and engage online. A partnership with Monster enables LMC members to be a true multimedia one-stop shop, adding recruitment solutions to their customers packages for incremental recruitment revenue.


Moonlighting is a one-stop, end-to-end solution that allows users to hire or be hired instantly in the burgeoning “gig” economy. Moonlighting solves the two biggest challenges facing 1099 workers: finding new customers and getting paid quickly. From discoverability to invoicing and payment, Moonlighting’s comprehensive platform provides the tools to run businesses from anywhere. Read more here about this partnership.


The Nativo platform delivers meaningful native and content advertising experiences to consumers across the web and mobile, enables media companies to sell, deploy and optimize paid native content programs across their owned properties, and automates the way marketers distribute and analyze the impact of branded content initiatives


Recruitology provides LMC members with a fully white-labeled recruitment services platform, including a job board and a wide range of niche networks. Our recruitment platform for publishers and media companies includes programmatic job distribution and access to a network of niche job boards and destination sites spanning popular categories from entry-level to healthcare, diversity, engineering and technology. Candidate search, automated job monitoring, tracking, and analytics ensure employers get access to the right candidates. Media companies who adopt the platform can reclaim their recruitment brand and offer employers a one-stop-shop for recruitment services.  


SpokenLayer provides LMC members with an end-to-end voice and audio solution. Unlike any other platform in voice, SpokenLayer gives local media a way to profitably go to market on smart speakers including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We transform content into daily audio updates, we handle distribution to all major audio platforms, we provide monetization opportunities, and we produce aggregated data and analytics.


Confiant protects publishers’ and platforms’ reputations, revenue, and resources with always-on anti-malware software that provides protection for desktop, mobile, and video ads. Our sole focus is on helping advertising platforms and publishers rid the world of malware. This focus enables us to evolve quickly and meet our clients’ needs for defeating the bad actors trying to undermine the industry. Confiant believes in the intelligent application of technology to fight back and make digital media safe for everyone. For more information visit: www.confiant.com.


Legacy.com’s partners benefit from unparalleled scale and expertise that enables the delivery of industry-leading products, innovative e-commerce solutions, and award-winning customer service that drives additional revenue to newspaper partners.


Stanza provides LMC members with a smart calendar platform and publisher suite that engages readers with upcoming event information in the context of publisher content. Event content ranges from teams across the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA to movies, music, concerts and more all while increasing engagement, creating additional revenue and promoting local events. Stanza’s add-to-calendar functionality allows LMC members to engage with readers in real-time via calendar notifications, redirecting readers back to their content and providing ticket and merchandise purchasing opportunities.


Vendasta provides LMC members with a white-label platform that helps B2B companies provide marketing solutions to local businesses. Unlike competitors, we don’t sell direct to the business, we only sell through our media channel partnerships. The Vendasta platform was built to help Media companies drive down the cost of sales while increasing margins; with award winning needs-assessment, automated email marketing, easy to use CRM, a marketplace of resellable solutions & services, and a white-label fulfillment agency.

Partner Testimonial

“The LMC partnership has welcomed strategic insight, leadership, and revenue opportunities that enables members to secure end-to-end talent acquisition solutions in this fragmented recruiting market. They continue to stand out in the local media industry and bring only the best to their members.”

— Amanda Padilla, Sr. Sales Director of Media Alliances at Monster

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