Consortium Partners

The Local Media Consortium is a strategic partnership of dozens of local media companies representing more than 1,600 local media publications across a multiple platforms.

The Local Media Consortium goes through an extensive, months-long process to choose partner companies, including polling media members about their needs and priorities, and vetting only the highest-quality service providers who have expressed interest in working with the Consortium. Local Media Consortium members are not bound to work exclusively with specific service providers, but the benefit to both members and the service providers is significant.

For information on partnering with the Local Media Consortium, please see the FAQ for prospective vendor partners here.

Local Media Consortium current service partners include the following companies:

Google is providing Local Media Consortium members with Google search and ad-serving technology and the opportunity to leverage Google’s advertising exchange to create a marketplace of premium local publishers. The products and services at the heart of the Local Media Consortium-Google partnership include a Local Media Consortium private exchange among its membership, powered by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange; DoubleClick for Publishers; and, contextually-matched ads that appear on member companies’ websites and in search results (powered by Google Custom Search). provides Local Media Consortium members with preferred access to its extensive database of job and career information, ad placement and more. The partnership with the Local Media Consortium helps offer localized access and relevance to employers and job seekers. Local Media Consortium members can take advantage of’s powerful recruitment and job matching technology.

AdCellerant is a digital marketing services and ad technology company. AdCellerant is in its 4th year of operation, with a team composed of 25 incredibly talented and driven people, AdCellerant’s strength is represented in the products created for its partners, and the excellent customer service the team provides. AdCellerant helps LMC members introduce and implement high-quality digital marketing products for their local advertiser client base. These products include Programmatic Display, Mobile, Tablet, Pre-Roll, Native, Email, Organic Search and Paid Search. The AdCellerant partnership also includes an end-to-end advertising platform, This system helps your sales team create digital proposals and execute the sold campaigns. Running complex digital marketing campaign in Programmatic Display, Mobile, Tablet, Pre-Roll, Native, Email, Organic Search and Paid Search has never been easier. To top it off your team can reach out to the AdCellerant team and talk to an expert about the campaign, performance and optimization strategies. This platform reduces operating, media and execution costs for your company saving tremendous amounts of time and money, while still driving return on investment. This is how in just over 3 years AdCellerant has grown to execute 10,000’s of campaigns, in over 260 markets and in 5 countries.

BrandForge is providing the Local Media Consortium members the training, support and custom content creation they need to launch, grow and scale their own native advertising product in their respective markets. Through preferred pricing available only to LMC members, BrandForge shares the industry leading philosophies and best practices of Deseret Digital Media that have been developed through years of experience and over 3,000 native advertising campaigns in both their local markets and throughout the BrandForgenetwork. The partnership allows members to leverage the BrandForge platform, the DDMstory lab and the extended BrandForgecontributing writer network to execute effective campaigns for their advertisers at scale. BrandForge also brings LMC members the opportunity to participate in network-wide native advertising campaigns bringing the potential for extended reach to their sponsors and additional revenue to the partners.
Centro provides software for digital advertising organizations. A pioneer in digital audience extension, Centro offers programmatic ad-buying technology that empowers any media company to become a one-stop-shop for advertisers. Publishers gain the capability to quickly scale campaigns and reach local or national audiences. Publishers have harnessed Centro’s technology for numerous years to offer their advertisers audience reach across the web on desktop, mobile, video and more. By working with Centro, publishers gain access to robust video inventory, integration with data management platforms (DMPs), an easy-to-use interface with real-time dashboard for streamlines optimization, high-touch support team to help publishers grow in-house expertise, and more. Read more here about this partnership.

DistroScale offers pioneering native content technology and offers Local Media Consortium members preferred access to DistroScale’s native content marketplace, a scalable, measurable native content and advertising solution. Publishers participating in DistroScale’s content marketplace can host content marketing campaigns for marketers seeking both brand engagement and awareness and also more performance-based campaigns. The system allows publishers to establish their own unique rules for how to display native content. Read more here about this partnership.

Ebyline is a platform that connects both brands and publishers with experienced, vetted freelancers to create exclusive, high-quality content. Ebyline’s partnership lets all members of the Local Media Consortium use Ebyline’s platform to recruit and work with freelance journalists nationwide. This collaboration allows publishers to create quality content marketing assets and provide readers with valuable information hosted by familiar local media outlets. Working with Ebyline, news organizations are able to help businesses reach new and existing audiences and develop additional assets to complement and support other marketing initiatives. Read more here about this partnership. offers Local Media Consortium members its Next Generation Obituary, a state-of-the-art offering that brings newspapers closer to readers with a dynamic new online experience, closer to funeral homes by featuring their brand and promoting their services, and closer to families by providing ways to honor a loved one’s memory like never before. Read more here about this partnership.

Lotame’s provides members with the premier toolset in the data management space. Utilization of the platform promises members a much deeper understanding of their highly engaged, premium audiences — and a greater ability to monetize that audience. Members are also eligible to participate in the Local Media Consortium data exchange, an aggregation of highly desirable behavioral segments, collected from across member properties and made available to the buy side via programmatic channels. The Lotame/Local Media Consortium agreement provides access to Lotame’s technology and expertise at volume-based pricing tiers structured to ensure reasonable terms for publishers of all sizes. Read more here about this partnership. enables funeral directors to place correctly rated obituaries and death notices into over 2,700 newspapers and local news websites., by AdPay, solves the funeral director’s primary challenge of pricing and placing print obituaries in out-of-area newspapers, including Local Media Consortium member publications. By removing the obstacles and inefficiencies of placing obituaries in multiple publications,’s integrated and easy-to-use system allows death care providers to focus on providing the best possible service to the bereaved. Read more here about this partnership.

Moonlighting is a one-stop, end-to-end solution that allows users to hire or be hired instantly in the burgeoning “gig” economy. Moonlighting solves the two biggest challenges facing 1099 workers: finding new customers and getting paid quickly. From discoverability to invoicing and payment, Moonlighting’s comprehensive platform provides the tools to run businesses from anywhere. Read more here about this partnership.

Okanjo provides Local Media Consortium members with a suite of native commerce tools. Our innovative solutions help publishers generate revenue while still keeping their site’s integrity. Tools available to members include performance marketing ad units, that use artificial intelligence to pair products next to content; syndicated native commerce content, curated eCommerce stores, online auctions and Native Marketplaces. These tools help publishers transform their content into commerce, enabling new revenue opportunities. Read more here about this partnership. (OS4) provides ad-tech & monetization services to LMC member companies. For LMC publishers with ad-serving volumes of 150 million or less, OS4 is the official Google-licensed OEM and support team for the DoubleClick for Publishers Premium (DFP) platform. OS4’s YieldLift service is available to all LMC members and increases programmatic yield in two configurations – YieldLift Premium turnkey total demand management service, or YieldLift ActiveFill 100% backfill service for preexisting publisher stacks. OS4 also provides AdOps services to LMC publishers for one-time migrations, interim staffing relief, and ongoing daily support.

Tout provides next-generation video publishing and syndication capabilities across local media websites. All Local Media Consortium member publishers through this partnership with Tout have access to the Tout Programmatic Video Content Exchange. The exchange matches relevant, high-quality video to articles in real-time across publications. Local Media Consortium member companies may leverage Tout’s sophisticated video publishing, matching and insertion technology to generate new revenue and higher engagement across member sites. Read more here about this partnership.

ScribbleLive is a real-time content publishing platform used by a growing number of the world’s largest news organizations and brands to deliver enhanced coverage, drive engagement and create new revenue opportunities. Driven by the increasing demand for relevant real-time news and event coverage, ScribbleLive has established itself as a market leader by providing organizations with easy-to-use technology backed by big data. Using ScribbleLive, media organizations can figure out what topics their audiences care about, and then curate or create original content to meet those needs. Read more here about this partnership.

YieldEx, owned by AppNexus, provides publishers with a complete picture of their data through YieldEx Analytics to reduce challenges in forecasting and packaging inventory. YieldexDirect is an automated guaranteed solution that offers highly specialized tools to increase operational efficiency through integrated workflows and campaign automation. Read more here about this partnership.