Our Mission

The Local Media Consortium, a strategic partnership of leading local media companies representing more than 1,600 daily newspapers and hundreds of major local broadcast outlets in the best markets in the nation.

The Local Media Consortium, founded in 2006 as The Newspaper Consortium, is focused on increasing member companies’ potential share of digital revenue and audience by pursuing new relationships with a variety of technology companies and service providers.

In a September 30, 2013 press release, we announced 32 member companies representing more than 800 local media outlets had agreed to join. Since then, the Local Media Consortium has grown substantially in membership (map), partnerships and influence.

Executive Director, Rusty Coats
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    Local Media Consortium Launch

    Welcome to the Local Media Consortium.

    When we launched in 2013, internally we referred to this as Consortium 2.0, some dot-com shorthand for how the organization has iterated — and a signal that it would continue to evolve. Externally, we adopted the name Local Media Consortium— and the URL LocalMediaConsortium.com — to reflect that the Consortium is a national, multi-platform partnership of local media outlets.

    It took a heroic amount of work to bring the Local Media Consortium from concept to reality. Their focus has been, always, to leverage the Consortium’s scale to forge new partnerships, explore new development opportunities and allow members to work together to innovate. Major technology and media companies have taken notice. So are startups. So are media companies previously uninterested in joining the Consortium.

    This is an exciting time. The Consortium continues to grow. The opportunities continue to build. The work we have done has paved a new path.



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    Leveraging New Opportunities

    Nationwide alliance of local media outlets plots more digital growth

    Local Media Consortium prepares to roll out expanded networks for advertising and content

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    Fast Facts

    The current consortium is comprised of more than 50 company members that represent:

    >> 4+ billion monthly page views
    >> 470+ million (aggregated) monthly unique visitors
    >> 156 billion yearly advertising impressions
    >> More than 1,600 daily newspapers and hundreds of broadcast members — with more on the way!


Consortium Members